Ici vous trouverez un aperçu de nos produits de confiserie. Cliquez ici pour notre gamme.


Mix for sponge cake

Gatto choc

Mix for chocolate sponge cake

Bonitto cake

Mix for all kinds of pound cakes

Cup cake

Mix for cup cakes

Muffin cake/choc

Mix for muffin cakes

Eggless cake

Mix for cake without eggs

Cooky vanille

Mix for cookies


Mix for tart bottoms

Chocolat mousse

Mix for chocolat mousse

Crème brulée/caramel

Mix for all kind of crème desserts

Custard Meco warm

Mix for custard crème

Custard Meco cold

Mix for custard crème

Topping garniture

Powder based on vegetable fat, ready for whipping

Topping strawberry

Strawberry whipped cream